Friday, February 21, 2014

Introducing: Soko Shop London and {{Giveaway}}

How much do you love a statement necklace?
I adore Soko Shop London's collection of statement necklace!!

Meet Ann the Creator of Soko Shop London:

I am Ann and I live/work in London, I am half Greek and half Russian. I love design, art, fashion, architecture, photography, food, travelling and yoga. Somehow, I decided to share some of my passions of my lifestyle with you...

I am proud to be involved in an amazing project of a small group of creative people who travel around the world and try to find for you new, handmade unique accessories, clothing, decorative items, etc. And this is how SokoShop|London created. We are mainly based online and you can find us in Etsy, Ebay and we are keep going with other websites and boutiques.

Apart from that, I am truly in love with the handmade, beautiful things that I create with my sister Irene, our "Shoushi jewellery by Irene" brand. The story behind our jewellery making is simple and exciting. Since, really early age we were doing DIY projects for fun and to enlarge our style wardrobe with new jewels, clothing and accessories. And this is actually how we started to create jewellery and accessories. You can find " Shoushi" jewellery in Etsy and Asos market place.

Statement Necklace, Color: Turquoise

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Good Luck!!


  1. Loving all of their stuff - including these scarves!

    1. I love the scarves! Infinity Scarf are adorable!!

  2. Whoa. I'm normally not much of a bracelet person, but I'm in love with this cuff:

    Also, this one because it makes me think of a slinky:

    And I'm totally serious when I say this: I've wanted a turquoise statement necklace for the longest time! This one looks great, too. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. So many pretty pieces of jewelry and scarves. I would love to have any of them.

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Adding pretty things to my shopping cart!

  5. In love with these scarves!! Also, you can't go wrong with turquoise :)

  6. Hi girls...

    Thank you so much for your amazing words... check our facebook page...
    new must have items are coming......stay tuned..


  7. I love their beautiful necklaces! They are perfect for spring!