Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sharpie Mugs: DIY

Christmas is almost here and you need a creative gift? No problem!

Sharpie mugs are a great way for anyone who loves DIY projects. Artistic ability doesn't have to be at an all-time high for this project.

You may just want to have your handwriting as your subject for a coffee mug.

This is a gift anyone can create.

Items you'll need:
Dollar Store Mug

-Draw with sharpie on plain mug
-Place decorated mug in oven
-Heat oven for 350 degrees
(Make sure mug is in oven while heating up: this insures the mug doesn't crack)
-Once you've reached 350 degrees, set timer for 30 minutes
-Turn off oven
-Do not remove mug
-After oven is room temperature your mug is safe to remove
-Hand Wash Only!

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