Sunday, December 29, 2013

Gift Guide for the People Who Love to Grill

For all of the grill lovers in your life!

Are you still behind in your holiday shopping? Here are three unique gifts for anyone who loves to grill.

Corn Griller BasketDesigned to grip four ears of corn in its steel frame, this handy basket makes it easy to maneuver and flip one of summer's favorite vegetables. Long handle keeps hands from the heat source.

Quesadilla Grill Basket: The heat of the outdoor grill cooks up quesadillas with smoky flavors, soft melted cheese and a crisp golden exterior. Our ingenious basket makes it a snap to flip and cook quesadillas on the grill without losing any of the ingredients to the fire.

Grill Clips: are perfect for asparagus, green onion, zucchini slices and more. So put away those skewers and just clip your veggies! 

I can't wait to start grilling this spring! 

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