Saturday, January 25, 2014

What I Wore: Introducing Peta Couzens from FrouFrouNYC

    Dress: Forever 21
    Jacket: Vintage
    Shoes: Charlotte Russe
    Tights: Target 

I wanted to start this blog post out by saying 'how adorable is this headpiece?'!

When I received the package today I instantly knew wonderful things would be inside:

This headpiece is beautifully handmade with the prettiest satin bow attached in the back. I loved all how light weight the bridal headpiece was as well as all the amazing details crafted. 

I truly felt like a princess wearing it. 

Peta Couzens is the creator of the Etsy store: FrouFrouNYC 

This amazing bridal headpiece is just one of the incredible designs in the FrouFrouNYC collection.

Here are a few of my favorite creations by FrouFrouNYC

About Peta Couzens: I have been a jewelry designer and avid collector of glamorous vintage items for over 10 years, I owned a shop in Sydney Australia with a large following of fans who enjoyed my unique jewelry ranges and one of a kind vintage finds. I have recently moved to NYC to further this love of fashion and to settle into a life here with my New Yorker Husband.

FrouFrouNYC is one of my favorite Etsy stores; unique jewelry, bridal accessories, and vintage items!


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it amazing! It felt so light I couldn't even tell I was wearing it. Beautiful headpiece

  2. I love the dress. The colours and pattern are fabulous. Beautiful flower crown too.

    1. Thanks, I knew it would be perfect matched with the flower crown. Both remind me so much of spring.