Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Introducing RobNWood: RobNWood Etsy Shop burns handmade patterns & designs onto wooden kitchen products like recipe boxes, cutting boards, utensils & rolling pins.

I had the privilege of reviewing a wooden recipe box created by RobNWood. The recipe box has the most beautiful design I have ever seen. A large rose centered in the middle of the wooden box was created with such amazing talent! Not only did the box look amazing but it is 100% functional. RobNWood has separation for different recipes such as appetizers, veggies, sides, soups, meats, breads, and much more! It even included a recipe for me to try! How amazing is that?!

Here is detailed information on the wooden recipe box - large center rose:

This is a natural wood box with a large center rose [in negative style] burned into the surfaces of the front and top portions. The box has brass hinges & measures 6.69 in. (W) x 3.5 in. (D) x 4.5 in. (T). It holds standard to large size recipe cards. MATCHING monthly or recipe index dividers will be included.

This is the perfect gift for the cook who wants a little extra something more than the usual boring recipe box in their kitchen. Would be a terrific hostess or shower gift!

Photographs of the wooden recipe box - large center rose:

Here a few of RobNWood creations that I just adore!

What items do you love from RobNWood?


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  2. I really loved your
    recipe box idea dear. Thank you for sharing.